This is the cutting edge of golf strengthening and golf training systems. The LONG BALL TRAINER is guaranteed to be the most versatile and effective multifunctional golf training aid ever invented. In order for you to experience the things listed below, it is absolutely necessary for you to get on the emulator. Until you can FEEL what this trainer does, you will not be able to comprehend what your full golf potential is. Below are the detailed explanations of how the LONG BALL TRAINER can help you to achieve your goals.


1. NEUROMUSCULAR STRENGTH TRAINER-This strengthens all of the golf specific muscles that a pro golfer is using, without making your muscles larger and bulky.
2. PLANE TRAINER-Once you adjust your swing plane to a specific setting, the trainer will not allow you to get off that plane. This eliminates coming over the top and corrects the movement that a baseball player uses. This also helps to eliminate a slice and eliminates casting 100%.
3. SEQUENCE TRAINER- If you don't start the swing with your core muscles first, the trainer is very difficult to use. Once you use the correct swing sequence you will be able to FEEL what pro golfers are doing all the time. Then you will also understand why most of their swings look effortless.
4. MOTOR MEMORY TRAINER- Using the trainer correctly will turn on the motor memory learning switch. This will allow the golfer to build a swing that you do not have to think about. This eliminates the need for swing thoughts.
5. INCREASES RANGE OF MOTION AND FLEXIBILITY- The trainer will stretch your upper body between your hips and shoulders and between your shoulders and arms every time you allow the club to go back to the top.
6. LEARNING THROUGH FEEL- This trainer will create neural connections between your brain and the small and large muscles that should be used in your swing. When this happens, you will have developed the tools to start to FEEL what a pro golfer is doing.
7. CHANGES MUSCLE ASSIGNMENT- When you start to use pro golf specific muscles, your body begins the process of NOT using the extra muscles that the older golfer has unintentionally learned to use. This uncomplicates your swing and makes it easier to produce because you are using a lesser amount of muscles than your old swing. This will also help to eliminate a hook.
8. INCREASES ENDURANCE-By using a smaller amount of muscles, your endurance will immediately go up. This prevents you from getting tired before the end of the round.
9. HELPS TO ELIMINATE LUMBAR INJURIES-Each time you bring the swing arm down, you are creating some separation between your vertebrae. As you rotate your hips forward with the resistance, you strengthen the internal and external core muscles around the waist, making those muscles denser and this helps to keep the vertebrae separated.
10. ALL THESE THINGS START TO HAPPEN IN 45 SECONDS-When the golfer is working with a specialist who knows how to help you work on the above subjects, these things start to happen during the first 45 seconds. When you learn do all these things, which is also a process of eliminating power leaks, it is easier to hit the ball on the sweet spot of all your clubs. When you incorporate all of these things into your swing, the overall effect allows the golfer to use less effort and hit the ball farther and more accurately.