This is the cutting edge of golf strengthening and golf training systems. The LONG BALL TRAINER is guaranteed to be the most versatile and effective multifunctional golf training aid ever invented. In order for you to experience the things listed below, it is absolutely necessary for you to get on the emulator. Until you can FEEL what this trainer does, you will not be able to comprehend what your full golf potential is. A lot of the information on this web site is given to you multiple times and multiple places. This redundancy is intentional. Below are the detailed explanations of how the LONG BALL TRAINER can help you to achieve your goals.




The LONG BALL TRAINER is intentionally designed to force your body to EMULATE the most efficient downswing that you can make to hit a ball with effortless power and consistency. The model for the swing that this is designed to develop is called the default swing. The default swing is the swing that you would have developed if you had played a lot of golf as a teenager or younger. When you are using the Golf Swing Emulator, you are being forced to use the exact SAME muscles and the SAME sequence that a 14 year old golfer is using naturally, without having to think about it. The weight resistance that you encounter when you use the emulator, forces your brain to send a lot more electrical impulses to all of the golf specific muscles you are SUPPOSED to be using.

When you are using the trainer with 40 lbs. of weight, your brain has to send 40 times more electrical impulses to your golf specific muscles, than it would normally send to those same muscles, in order for you to swing an 11 ounce driver. Your brain has this higher impulse capacity and even more. But, when you are swinging a driver, you are only asking your brain for electrical impulses.

It does not matter how hard you try to swing the club, that 11 ounce driver represents a finite amount of electrical impulses from your brain. When you are on the trainer with 40 pounds of weight, you are DEMANDING a higher level of electrical impulses. Your brain has this capacity for higher levels of impulses and even more. But, you can only get that higher level of impulses when you DEMAND it and the demand conforms to what your brain would have taught you as a child, about the mechanics of the swing. This is the main reason that this equipment is so effective.

The trainer will not make your muscles larger, nor take away any range of motion. Even though there are weight plates on the trainer, do not confuse it with working out in a gym. The equipment in a gym is designed to work on one or possibly two muscle groups at one time. The primary purpose of gym equipment is to make your muscles larger. In order to enlarge the muscle, you must work out the muscles enough to tear it a little. If you tear the muscle fiber too much, you have an injury. Not only is this kind of work out strenuous, it can also cause you to have a loss of range of motion if you are not stretching properly.

Gym equipment does not train the small muscles that are used in a good golf swing.  Almost half of the muscles that you should be using to hit a golf ball are less than 6" long. If you weight train a lot and did not play a lot of golf as a teenager, your swing might look choppy. This is because you are using almost all large muscles to swing the club. A work out on the LONG BALL TRAINER will force you to use up to 80 different muscles in one second and this includes large and small muscles.

When you are able to recruit these small muscles to swing the club, your swing will look more fluid and you will use less energy to hit the ball. Using these small muscles means that they are taking on some of the load that was previously done entirely by your large muscles. When you finally get the small muscles to help, everything changes. Your swing will feel like you are using less effort. But, you will not lose any distance, you will gain some.

Men will start their workout with 40 lbs. of weights. Because you are using so many muscles to move this 40 lbs., each muscle is responsible for only a little of that resistance. This prevents you from tearing a muscle or over training it. After only one set on the trainer, the brain changes the amount of electricity that it sends to the golf muscles. This workout will not make you swing harder, but it will force you to swing more efficiently. By not using so much energy to swing the club fast, you are instantly going to become a better ball striker and your shots will be more accurate.


When you swing a driver after performing the first set (15 repetitions) on the trainer, it will be the most unusual feeling you have ever had with a golf club. The club is so light it feels like it does not have a head on it. This is caused primarily because you are now using more small muscles to swing the club and you are getting more electrical impulses to all the correct muscles. This sensation will go away in about twenty minutes, but the effects of the workout will linger much longer. Another one of the things that makes this happen is called Correct Direction of Resistance (CDR). When you swing a weighted club or object you are not experiencing the same kind of resistance nor are you using the same muscles that you are using when you swing a golf club. Gravity does not play much of a role in the resistance of a club when you are swinging it.

When a golfer swings a club, the resistance encountered, or the opposing force, is always coming directly from behind the hands. Since the hands are constantly moving, the direction that your resistance is coming from is also moving with the hands during the down swing. When you are working out on the emulator, the CDR is always directly behind the hands. Therefore, when the golfer is training on the Emulator, they are using the exact muscles and combinations of muscles that they should be using when they swing a club correctly. When you swing a weighted club, you are being forced to use muscles that you do not use in the correct swing. This can also confuse your brain because it will be asking, "Do you want me to use these muscles to swing the club?"

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The design of the LONG BALL TRAINER and its components make it impossible for the golfer to swing off plane. You can adjust the machine for any plane for golfers that are 5' 3" to 6' 8". Even a very strong golfer can not make the swing arm move on any plane other than the one that you adjust it to. The more that you are able to repeat a movement on the same plane with this type of resistance, the easier it is for the brain to learn this movement. There is no other swing trainer that forces your hands and arms to stay on one swing plane as well as the LONG BALL TRAINER.


The trainer also will immediately force the golfer to use the inside out path that all instructors talk about. It is not possible for the golfer to come over the top move on this machine.  If you did not play a lot of golf as a teenager, it is very likely that you are coming over the top and slicing the ball.  If you are that person, the best instructor in the world can not talk the inside out path into your body or motor memory.  This a feel issue and a no one can TALK feel into your brain and body especially when you are over 40.

When you start to use the trainer correctly, this workout will create new neural connections called synapse. These connections are being made to the small muscles that you have not been using. Once you create the synapse, you can get impulses to those small muscles and they start to take on some of the resistance that was previously given to the large muscles only. This is how your brain creates wiring that is necessary to make muscles function that have never been used in this manner before.  These synapse are also necessary in order for you to be able to FEEL what you are doing.
Once you can feel these muscles firing, it becomes much easier to perform the new swing.

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The LONG BALL TRAINER is the only swing trainer that forces the user to have a proper swing sequence while training. Many golfers are firing the wrong muscles, at the wrong time. If you are accustomed to starting the downswing with your hands and arms, the trainer is going to make this very difficult to do. The workout is designed to make it difficult for you to use it if you use the your golf muscles in the wrong sequence. This is the only swing trainer that forces you to use the correct muscles at the correct time. The initial move downward from the top of your swing is called, by many instructors, the "magic move". You must use the core muscles in the lower part of the body to start this movement down. This is your lower body using muscles to move the club and your hands downward without changing the distance that your hands are from your back shoulder.

Most golfers are not using enough of the correct muscles to make this movement with the club. This can cause you to loose 30 to 50 yards on a drive and 10 or more yards on your irons. If the average golfer were able to just get this sequence straightened out, they would gain another 25 yards on their drives immediately without increasing your strength level. The trainer uses standard weight plates in conjunction with a unique shaped cam to force the golfer to make this first move correctly. The model for this sequence is what is called the DEFAULT SWING.

This is the swing that your brain would have taught you if you had played a lot of golf as a teenager. At the top of this page you will see a link HOW THE BRAIN LEARNS. When you click on this link you will see a detailed explanation of what the DEFAULT SWING is. The starting position on the GSE is at the top of the swing when your hands are above your head. The cam design creates 5 times more resistance at the top of the swing than it does at the bottom of the swing. This forces you to use the core muscles first to start the downswing. The core muscles are 5 times stronger than the arms and hands.


You can not come over the top on the trainer even a little bit. Coming over the top is when your shoulders rotate forward too soon during the downswing. If you start to use your core muscles first and allow your weight (your hips) to shift forward during the downswing, and then force your back shoulder down, you will be forcing your hands to create that inside out move that also recruits the lat on your back side. Ninety percent of all golfers are coming over the top. This also means that they are not using the same muscles that a 14 year old golfer is using. When you start to use the lat to bring the club down, you are taking a lot of the load off the arms and hands. The lat is the largest muscle in your upper body. If you are not using it to bring the club and your hands down, you are losing a lot of distance. When you start to use your lat and turn your back shoulder down before you start to pull with your hands, you will immediately hit the ball farther.


This handle design makes it impossible to cast even a little bit. At the top of the swing, you can not cast the handle unless you move the whole machine. As you pull the swing arm down toward the impact area the resistance gets 5 times easier. This prevents your hands and grip from being too tight at the impact area allowing you to have a grip pressure soft enough to hold a bird. This training forces your body to EMULATE the same level of resistance in the appropriate positions, that you would encounter when hitting a ball with the maximum muscle contraction rate.


When the LONG BALL TRAINER starts to sequence muscle firing, this will cause the process of new MUSCLE ASSIGNMENT for most golfers. This means that the trainer is going to force you to use bigger muscles in the beginning of the downswing and smaller muscles at impact.  A teenage golfer is using the correct small muscles where many adults may not be using proper small muscles. Half of the muscles in a good golf swing are less than 6 inches long and these muscles do not get worked out from playing golf and they do not get worked out in a gym because gym equipment only works on big muscles.

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When you work out on the trainer with 40 pounds, you are FORCING the brain to send a much higher level of electricity to all of the correct muscles and not just the ones that you were using before to swing the driver. This additional level of electricity to the correct muscles is what makes the motor memory switch come on because now you have forced the brain to recognize and use a much higher level of electrical impulses to make the correct golf specific muscles function. Once the learning switch is on, everything that you are doing, including your form and sequence, is being learned and stored in motor memory while using the trainer.

The other thing that helps this switch come on is the development of synapse in the brain and brain stem that connect the brain to the correct muscles. When you start to use the trainer correctly, you will be getting access to the muscles that a teenager has been using all along. This is going to change what your swing looks like more than anything. The reason this is so easy is because you are reminding the brain of something that it is familiar with. The more that you use muscles that the brain would have taught you to use as a teen, the faster you initiate motor memory facilitation.


If you want to change where your hands start the downswing, this is the best training aid in the world to do that. There are training aids that attempt to do this, but, without this golf specific weight resistance, these devices are a poor substitute for the LONG BALL TRAINER. The ability to know where your hands are at the top of the swing without seeing them is part of proprioception. This is not motor memory. This is position memory. If you do not have the neural network in your brain to move your hands to another position, this will be virtually impossible to learn. If you have a hand position at the top of the swing that is parallel to your shoulders and you set the emulator up to create a hand position that is 6 inches above your normal position and you perform 15 repetitions, your hands will usually go to the new hand position when you get off the emulator. For most golfers this starts to happen after performing the first 15 repetitions on the trainer.

It will be a confusing feeling because you have changed where your hands normally go. A part of your brain is making you feel uncomfortable because you have made this change. This is normal. The brain does not just store and retrieve information, it also protects stored information. This applies to motor memory and position memory. The way in which the brain protects stored information is that it makes you feel uncomfortable when you change something. As an adult, from the brain's perspective, it is not efficient for you to change something that has already been stored and learn something new. However, with enough repetitions on the trainer, this will become second nature.


If you have or plan to start playing golf later in life, full swing lessons may not be very fruitful. If you are 40 and older and start to play golf, even the best instructor can only help you a little bit. This is because you can't get your body to do what the instructor is asking you to do. At this stage in your life, you do not have the neural connections in your brain to make certain movements. This is why the instructor may be able to explain a move to you, and you understand what he is saying, but you cannot get your body to do what you want it to do. The resistance encountered while using the trainer not only strengthens your golf specific muscles, it also accelerates motor memory learning.

This makes it easier for you to store and retrieve the things that you or a golf instructor want to be in your swing. Just understanding what the instructor is saying is not enough to allow your body to perform a movement. Until you FEEL what he is talking about, your brain has a hard time learning and storing this information. For golfers that are older than 40, the trainer is the missing link between what your instructor is telling you and what you can get your body to FEEL.

After only one set on the trainer, using it correctly, you will start to get the FEEL of what your body should be doing. The wiring that you were missing as a teenager will start to develop. There is no instructor in the world that can talk FEEL into your body.  The trainer will develop a feel for you after the very first time you use it.  Once you can feel what all the instructors have been talking about, you can then do things that you were not able to do previously.  Then a good instructor becomes even more valuable.  Even your previous golf lessons will make more sense.

From using the LONG BALL TRAINER you will FEEL

  1. 1. The connectivity of tightening up all the slack between your joints
    2. The inside out path everyone talks about
    3. The sequence that you see most pro golfers use
    4. The hand position at the top you have been trying to get on your own
    5. The components of the default swing that would have been developed as a teenager


The struggle between the thinking and motor memory parts of the brain makes the club go to different places. This is the biggest cause for not having a consistent swing and being able to make the same shot twice. Swing thoughts interfere with your ability to retrieve motor memory.  The thinking part of your brain can be used to make a golf swing.  The motor memory part of your brain can be used to make a golf swing.  If you use both of these parts of our brain at the same time, they are fighting each other for control of your golf specific muscles.

You can use the emulator to store in motor memory the swing that you want and stop thinking about mechanics during the swing. This will give you more consistency from one swing to the next.  The overall effect from using the emulator is that you will create the tools to have a thoughtless swing, which produces more confidence in your ability to make the shots that you want to make.

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Most golfers over 40 are not in the same physical condition as other athletes. These golfers know that working out in a gym has more potential to eliminate a certain amount of range of motion than it has to help their game. To avoid potentially damaging their game, they usually choose to not work out. When you do not train your golf specific muscles and then go out and play 18 holes, then the muscles that you are using to swing the club, have a lot of demands put on them. Because they are not conditioned for the amount of use demanded of them, they will start to fatigue after about 12 or 13 holes. A lot of these muscles being used are in the hands and arms.  A teenager may only be using about 10 muscles in his arms to swing a club.  An adult can be using as many as 54 muscles in his hands and arms to swing the club.  When you use more muscles to swing the club, you will tire out more easily. When these muscles fatigue the golfer will start to loose distance.

When the golfer starts to loose distance, they will swing harder to try and make up for this lost distance. This causes the accuracy of their shots go down rapidly. When you use the trainer, the golf specific muscles are over-trained for the amount of demand that they encounter while playing. The result is that you will eventually gain enough endurance to play 36 holes with much less fatigue than you previously encountered from playing just 14 holes. If you don't train all of your golf specific muscles, you cannot expect them to perform to their capacity. The work out on the trainer will also work out muscles that you have never trained before. This is going to allow you the energy level necessary to hit the ball as hard as you want all day long. This also turns the trainer into an endurance trainer.

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Most golfers are not flexible enough to get the club back as far in their take away as they would like. As we get older, we loose range of motion and flexibility. The trainer will slowly pull the golfer's hands back to this desired take away position on each repetition. This is a position that you may not be able to get to on your own. The trainer creates a stretch in the golf swing muscles before firing. Stretching a muscle before you fire it also helps to develop more strength. The effect of this stretching is immediate.

After the first work out, which only takes 5 minutes, most golfers will notice that their hands are going higher than they were before the work out. When you get your hands up higher in the take away, you have to use larger and stronger muscles to swing the club. As a result of the increased flexibility between the hips and the shoulders, the golfer will be able to obtain a better coil. This increase in flexibility allows you to get your hands high in the take away without using your hips in the take a way process so much. This simplifies the swing mechanics and makes the swing more energy efficient.

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The trainer can be used to cure a hook or slice in one minute. The work out only uses a half swing at the bottom of the swing and it is much easier to perform than a full swing. A hook or slice is caused by the club face being closed or opened at impact. Because the trainer changes what the brain knows about the swing, we can use it to change the angle of the club face at impact. After one set on the trainer, about 90% of all golfers will see an immediate improvement in hitting the ball straighter.

Another cause of the club face being open at impact is because the golfer is coming over the top. Even in this half swing, the golfer will feel the club handle moving on an inside-out path and will not be able to move the club from outside-in. Teaching aids that have rubber bands or springs as resistance do not mimic the body's natural range of resistance and the effect of strengthening is not as profound as the trainer. As a result, any motor memory storage is negligible.

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The word pre-habilitate means to strengthen and condition muscles and connective tissue so they are less likely to be injured. Golf related injuries are diminished by about 85% from using the trainer. One of the most common golf injuries happens to the lower back. When you are using the trainer, you are taking the load off the vertebrae and strengthening the lower back muscles at the same time. As you are pulling the swing arm down, you are decompressing the vertebrae and stretching the spine out. This is the same effect as hanging upside down or climbing a rope.

As you rotate your hips forward while using the trainer, you are strengthening the core muscles around your midsection and those internally around your spine, while making these muscles denser at the same time. As a result of strengthening these internal and supporting muscles, you will probably gain about 1/2 of an inch of height from using the trainer after about three months. Another effect from these muscles getting worked out is that the surrounding waist muscles become tighter, resulting in a smaller waistline.

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Motor memory facilitation does not require that you work your muscles as hard as you would if you were doing a conventional work out with free weights. If you were to go to a gym and do a free weight work out that uses all the muscles in the golf swing, it would take you eight hours just to perform one set for all of these muscles. The LONG BALL TRAINER works out all these golf specific muscles each time you pull the swing arm down. It takes less than 60 seconds to perform one set of 15 repetitions on the trainer. The daily recommended work out is to perform four sets of 15 repetitions. If you rest 60 seconds in between sets, this means that your complete workout takes 8 minutes.

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The LONG BALL TRAINER does not make your muscles larger. It simply changes the amount of electricity that the brain gives the muscles. It only takes 60 seconds to change this in the brain and the workout is relatively easy. You will not break a sweat or even breathe hard.

The first thing that you will notice is usually the weakest part of your golf swing. The workout on the trainer highlights this weakness. If you are using a muscle in your golf swing that you should not be using it will become proportionately overworked on the trainer and you will notice it immediately. Even if you are a good golfer you will experience the same thing. This turns the trainer into an analysis machine that will detect imperfections in a golf swing that the golfer or the instructor may not be able to detect on their own.

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There is no effect on the take away because you do not use the same muscles on the trainer that you use for the take away. When you are using the trainer you are always using the downswing muscles even as you allow the machine to pull your hands backwards to the top of the swing. As you allow the swing arm to move backwards from the impact position, you must allow your hands and arms to go back in the opposite sequence that you use to swing a club.

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If you perform four sets on the trainer, the effect will last between 10 and 14 days. After this, the brain will seek to go back to where it's previous level of muscular impulses was before You were working out on the trainer.