Kenn Hundley

Kenn Hundley is an accidental inventor.  He did not set out to be one but when he has a problem and there is no solution in sight, rather than complaining about something he just creates a solution.  Necessity is definitely the mother of invention in this case.

His first patent was on a multi-function gear puller designed for the automotive and aerospace industry called The Complete Puller.  A friend of Kenn's had driven out to California from Virginia to visit him and his friend's truck broke down in Kenn's driveway.  Kenn said "I think we are going to have to rebuild your engine."  Kenn's friend said "We who"?  Kenn rebuilt the engine and he did such a good job at it he quit his day job to become a full time mobile mechanic.  After about 6 months of rebuilding engines Kenn applied for his first patent on an automotive tool that could be used in other industries such as the aerospace industry. 

Not too long after that, Kenn developed his first piece of training equipment called The Squat Strap.  This was a weight lifting strap that allowed you to do squats with heavy weight, without a stand or a spotter.  His next invention was the Hyde A Bench.  This was a multi-function weight lifting bench with a 1,000 lb. capacity that folded up and could be stored under your bed.  Next Kenn designed and made a full line of weight lifting equipment for home use under the name Perfect Body Fitness Equipment.   This was a high end line of weight lifting equipment and with it came some innovations that are still used today in the gym equipment industry. 

One of these innovations was the use of white paint on weight lifting and gym equipment.  In 1985 all gym equipment was either black or dark gray.  Kenn was the first equipment manufacturer to use white paint and within an 18 month period all gym equipment manufacturers were painting their equipment white.

When he started to play golf on a more regular basis he decided take some golf lessons. Kenn grew up in a baseball family. Kenn even played one season of minor league ball for the Cubs.  Kenn's nephew is Todd Hundley who caught for the Mets, Dodgers and Cubs. Todd would eventually train on Kenn's batting emulator.  All of this baseball history was not helping Kenn's golf game. It did not take long to realize that the golf instructors could play very well and explain the mechanics of golf well but they could not get Kenn to learn or feel these mechanics. He knew that there was a disconnect between what the instructors knew and what they could get Kenn's body to learn.

This is when Kenn decided to try a different approach to learning to play golf. He decided that he would video tape several golfers who were very good at the time. Kenn did not know it then but these golfers were using the DEFAULT SWING. He then played the video tape back one frame at a time and he drew dots on all of their body joints. This allowed him to see what the pro golfers were doing and when they were doing it. From this information Kenn built the first movement specific, resistance specific and sequence specific golf training aid anywhere which he named the Golf Swing Emulator. That name has since been changed to the Long Ball Trainer. 

SAME which stands for Specific Athletic Movement Emulators was founded in Los Angeles in 1989.  Soon Kenn designed trainers for baseball batting, baseball throwing, football passing, football kicking, tennis serve and tennis ground stroke. Kenn started to notice that when the golfers were using the Long Ball Trainer, they were learning the fundamentals of a really efficient golf swing 10 times faster than the golfers that were just taking golf lessons.  These golfers were also gaining a lot of yardage on all their golf shots.

By 1997 Kenn had already made a handful of pro athletes famous and wealthy in football, baseball and golf from using his trainers.  This was when Kenn started to study neurology to find out why the learning and performance were accelerated for those athletes using his machines.  As a result of his research, Kenn is able to explain how real motor memory is created and retrieved at different ages.  He also discovered what he calls the DEFAULT SWING which is a golf swing that everyone has the ability to develop.  This research has become very useful especially for golfers who started to play golf later in life. You can find this information on this web site under HOW THE BRAIN LEARNS THE GOLF SWING.