Kenn Hundley

Kenn Hundley is an inventor.  He has been designing and developing training equipment since 1983. His first training equipment was a full line of weight lifting equipment for home use.

In 1989 when he started to play golf on a more regular basis he decided take some golf lessons. Kenn grew up in a baseball family. All of this baseball history was not helping Kenn's golf game. It did not take long to realize that the golf instructors could play very well and explain the mechanics of golf well but they could not get Kenn to learn or feel these mechanics. He knew that there was a disconnect between what the instructors knew and what they could get Kenn's body to learn.

This is when Kenn decided to create a training machine that would get rid of his baseball swing and allow him to develop a golf swing that looked more like a teenage golfer. To develop this machine, he decided that he would video tape several golfers who were very good at the time. He then played the video tape back one frame at a time and he drew dots on all of their body joints. This allowed him to see what the pro golfers were doing and when they were doing it. From this information Kenn built the first movement specific, resistance specific and sequence specific golf training aid anywhere which he named the Golf Swing Emulator. That name has since been changed to the Long Ball Trainer.